7 Dec 2006

This is what my Friend did to me, when I was 14. I will post a picture of him when I have one.
Were still friends, good friends but I needed to show every one what happens when your blind folded and near him. He hits you in the face and bam, You almost loose 2 of you teeth.
I have since had 2 root canals as 2 abscissas had formed in the roots of my teeth. I had the root canal with out any anaesthetic, becausethe nerves and blood vessels were dead.

Thanks to flickr.com I was able to post these photos.


Telkom is one big money hole, they make millions in profit but take over 3 weeks to respond to a fault report. They have a monopoly so they don't mind if they come out and repair your line 4 times in 2 months, because you have no other choice.

This is or was my current frustration. Over the past 2 months we have only had less then 1 months up time in terms of phone and Internet access. That is pathetic.

At least with Neotel things will change. Neotel will be Telkom competition in the South African and probably African Telecommunications industry. They also are know as SNO second national operator.

In SA they are busy creating a completely independent back bone infrastructure. Which means they will only need to shear or lease access on the last mile lines. The last mile lines are those that connect your house to a central Telkom exchange. This is good news as they will slowly be able to roll out last mile access while still providing land line based services. If you want more info check out their web site. www.neotel.co.za.