15 Apr 2007

New kernel for suse 10.2

I recently upgraded my suse kernel to suse to the one available in the update source that yast automatically adds. It fixed among other things the spdif out that my head phones jack into. Previously it didn't work although sound did and it played through the speaker built into my laptop.

It seams to be more responsive as well in gnome. If their are any other big changes I notice I will post about them as well.

Web standard & Web Scripting

I have just found one of the best resources on web site development. It is mostly focused on clinent side scripting and has some of the best HTML, CSS and javascript tutorials I ever read in all the tutorials I have come across.


If you want to understand cross browser compatibility or more precisely Microsoft and IEs standards incompatiblity. He has one of the most though articles describing Microsoft incompetent and deliberate no use of standards in rendering web content. This is one more reason to try an open source or other browser that dose. Like firefox or opera.

8 Apr 2007

tut week 5

Tut 5 for week five was on uml, not the most exciting tut. Im using a free open source uml molder in Linux.
opensuse 10.2 comes with umbrello. It has every thing you could think of for uml modeling. Well I know that I will do a lot of this in my assignment.

I didn't like the one tut question in which we had to try and recreate a uml diagram out of our text books. That seamed to basic for me but over all the tut was ok.