6 Jun 2012

my solution to http://blockly-demo.appspot.com/blockly/demos/maze/index.html

Great way to teach people programming,

My solution uses the premise that you can get out of any maze by just making turns in one direction. In my case left turns. But this will hold true for right turns as well, but a different path will be followed. When I tested it id did not quite work that way.

On my second attempt I found the universal solution that work for turning left and right.

Here is an other way to do the same thing if you know which path you want to take through the maze


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Pauline Maas said...

Hello, I trie to solve the blocky maze level 10. They changed it. And i didnt found the answer yet. Can you please take a look for me. I want to do it with my students, but offcourse want to solve them before we trie it together.