2 Oct 2007

vlc segmentation fault

I recently had problems with vlc media player. It would crash unexpectedly when running. It would not start when run from the Applications > Sound & Video > VLC. Occasionally it would start up but it would look terrible, or start two player interfaces. I then turned to the console using vlc, or wxvlc to get it to run. Some times it would come out with two player interface's, and whole string of exceptions.


in your home directory /home/yourhome/ their is a config directory for vlc called .vlc /home/yourhome/.vlc go and delete it completely. VLC automatically creates it when it is frist started. This will reset all the settings that could cause this type of problem.
rm /home/[you home dir]/.vlc

Immediately after doing that I tryied vlc from the application menu and it worked. I expect that I am not the only one to have this problem. I hope it helps some one else out there.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you figured this out, but thank you for posting this fix. This worked for me, and I never would have figured it out on my own.

MemoriesAndThoughts said...

Thanks so much. This is brilliant. VLC just stopped working for me at some point and I couldn't get it to work anymore. You're solution solved my problem as well. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This did not quite work for me but, based on it, I used this command in the terminal which did:

vlc --reset-config