28 Feb 2007

Cool flash Games

A cool flash game that can be use full for passing some time, or getting out of a late night working rut. Or just late night work. Don't play it 2 much.

In response to the comment I will add the following link to this post and to my links tab
www.freeonlinegames.com. It has a good variety of games and should cater to every taste. I suggest you try it out. I have already played a few, one of my favourites is thing thing.

27 Feb 2007

FIT2001 week 1

This is a new series of post for a subject I am doing at university. Its called system Analysis and Design. unit code Fit 2001.

This first week of uni is always chaos, as nothing seams to be ready when we arrive at campus. The lecture rooms haven't got equipment connected and we don't have tutorials. This week was different, we had a tutorial and no lecture.

It wasn't a full tutorial either as we didn't have the lecture we couldn't cover all of the course content. I expect the form next week things will be very different.

This course is a second year unit and will probably be a bit more work then last year. I think it will be very interesting as we will get more into systems theory. I am built for studding I really enjoy it and could probably study any thing but IT is where my passion is.

I hope next week will be different and more organized and that things will be working like the library and the new lecture and seminar rooms will be up and running.

8 Feb 2007

I have add a list of ftp site to my blog with will allow south Africans to easily get access to gnu software with out the traffic congestion of international sites. So they will be allot faster.

Most carry the same basic software but some have more then other be sure to check all of them out.

Thing you can find on the these websites are free software foundation software and all the latest Linux distros. You will need a braud band connection for the Linux distros but may be you know a friend who can do the downloading for you.

its a conspiracy

I have been a way for a long time and I will tell you why.

There was first the talkom problem out lined below.

Then a computer problem. When I bought my last computer I search high and low to find the best and most reliable computer brand. I thought that was hp. It was priced 1000 more expensive for most of the same speck machines as other brands. I had heard a lot of good thing about hp.

I had it for a year it work fine. although it started to give problems with the power button. Then just as my warranty expired in January 2006 it completely bombed out. I have since returned it 3 time to have the same problem fixed. Then in December of this year i thought i was having the same problem.

Hp has now quoted me for 5000 mother replacement to fix the problem. Which as far as they can tell is just motherboard wear and tear. Not lighting or some thing serious just wear and tear. Let me remind you that i have only had this computer for 2 years and paid 11000 rand for it. Now it is written off.

I recommend that you should stay away for hp and choose a cheaper brand like acer or may be Toshiba. Which wont hurt as much when they break.

I say it must have been a conspiracy to keep me a way form computer and the www. I have spent almost all my time doing any thing but working with computer for about 2 1/2 months.