5 Oct 2006

How geek am I?


I am nerdier than 94% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Thats right, what dose it mean, I dont know.
But as bill Gates says:
Be nice to Geeks,
You might end up,
working for one.

I thought I should add, that in the last IQ test I did, I scored 133 on tickle's web site see below.

I was compared to bill gates even though I hate monopolys and the way they exploit monopoly status. i respect admire the genius of bill in his ablity to make even more money on programing
with such a bad product. yes there are products out their better then windows, take apple for instance.
This is first post on blog by now most people think im vain have nothing better do then moan about microsoft and brag about my iq well thats 2 bad cuz iqs dont really mean much any way.

Chech out these sites if you want to chech your iq
international high iq society
I only scored 127 on the IHIQ web site. so may be im not as clever as I thought.

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