27 Feb 2007

FIT2001 week 1

This is a new series of post for a subject I am doing at university. Its called system Analysis and Design. unit code Fit 2001.

This first week of uni is always chaos, as nothing seams to be ready when we arrive at campus. The lecture rooms haven't got equipment connected and we don't have tutorials. This week was different, we had a tutorial and no lecture.

It wasn't a full tutorial either as we didn't have the lecture we couldn't cover all of the course content. I expect the form next week things will be very different.

This course is a second year unit and will probably be a bit more work then last year. I think it will be very interesting as we will get more into systems theory. I am built for studding I really enjoy it and could probably study any thing but IT is where my passion is.

I hope next week will be different and more organized and that things will be working like the library and the new lecture and seminar rooms will be up and running.

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