27 Mar 2007

tut 3

I have not posted in while, tut 3 was a bit of a let down. We were supposed to listen to a pod cast with the creator of Basecamp, Jason Fried. It did not happen till after the tut. This is because the internet connection at Monash is controlled buy telkom (read below).

I went to the web site for base camp and did some wikipedia research on the topic. I think its quite an interesting product which was developed in a non traditional way. Similar to Many of the Google things which is release a beta, and keep in a beta state while the users interact with it and give feed back. They call this a gamma sate. It is rapid user centered development. As a good idea gets out their on the web and then the users get to decide how it looks and works.

Its interesting to see that their are other way of doing the same things, and with the internet we have not explored all of them.

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