10 May 2007

New ftp / mirror site every one should have a look at

I just found this site while looking for local South African resources for open source distro's, and other open source product. This has to be one of the best sites that I have found ever. It has mirrors for Ubuntu, fedora, bsd, gentoo and a whole lot more. TENET Tertiary Education Network http://mirror.ac.za/

One of the best parts of this site is the local link to the MIT open course ware site. http://ocw.mirror.ac.za/. A brilliant place to read up on just about any thing from rocket science to management and psychology.
I will definitely be using this site a lot in the future.

here is a list of the links available
Mirror Description:
MIT Open Courseware
Course materials for a wide range of topics
PHP.NET Mirror
PHP is a server side scripting language for web devlopment
ProFTPD Mirror
Is a GNU open source mirror of the Pro FTP project which is ftp server software.
Mozilla Mirror
Blastwave Solaris FreewareMirror
GENTOO Linux Mirror
FreeBSD Mirror
Knoppix Linux
Ubuntu Mirror
Centos Mirror
Debian Mirror
Slackware Mirror
bio-mirror.net Mirror
Is a mirror of a database containing genetics research
OpenOffice Mirror
MySQL Mirror
CPAN Mirror
Comprehensive Perl archive network is a major resource for Perl programmers.
Fedora MirrorCTAN Mirror
Is a TEX mirror, TEX is a language / tool set for formating and structuring text for publishing web development and so on,
www.honeynet.org Mirror
Is a site focused on network security, they have a large library of network security related information.
Scientific Linux Mirror

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